koskenkorva vodka

Koskenkorva is a Finnish vodka that hit U.S. shores over the summer. It’s distilled in a same-named village of just 2,100 inhabitants, and produced from the northernmost-growing barley in the world. The simple but attractive bottle features a wooden top and a rustic village scene.

On the nose, you’ll find barley and faintly sweet apple. It starts cool on the palate, with a sweet, crisp apple flavor and a slightly creamy texture. The sweetness darkens to caramel at the center, before notes of barley arrive accompanied by a dry, earthy spice. The spirit concludes with a long, dry finish capped off by pepper.

Koskenkorva’s balance of spice and sweetness make it a satisfying sipper. I also used it to make a Bogart (two parts vodka, one part Cocchi Americano, one dash orange bitters), and found that its flavors and spice balance made it a worthy backbone for a vodka-forward cocktail. Throw in its reasonable price tag, and you’ve got a solid new workhouse vodka on your hands.

— 40% ABV
— $24.99

CE Rating: ★★★

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