loch & union american dry gin

Loch & Union, a three-year-old distillery based in Napa, California, launched their American Dry Gin in March 2018. It’s made with a dozen botanicals, and features black pepper, orange peel, and plenty of juniper on the nose.

That juniper flavor is particularly pronounced, even for a dry gin, from the very start. It’s also accompanied by lighter flavors of orange peel and anise. The spirit is hot on the palate and at once thick and slick, sliding off the tongue without burdening it.

Those full-force juniper notes guide the spirit to its conclusion, where there’s an explosion of dry, black pepper spice. The finish is long and exceptionally dry, hanging on to that cracked pepper quality to the very end.

The unapologetic strength of Loch & Union American Dry Gin’s juniper and pepper notes make it an excellent companion for tonic: those flavors are guaranteed to punch through even the stickiest, sweetest of tonics.


— 47.2% ABV
— $42

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