lost distillery benachie whiskyThe Lost Distillery Company is doing something decidedly different: using single malts to create blends that evoke the whiskies once made by long-vanished Scottish producers. You can see our Towiemore Whiskey review for a more thorough introduction to the brand.

The Lost Distillery Company’s Benachie blend attempts to recall the whisky made by a distillery with that very same name, which opened in Aberdeenshire in 1822 and closed in 1913.

It is a deep, rich amber color, and has green apple, sour cherry, apricot and sherry on the nose. But for all that fruitiness it ends up surprisingly herbal and heavy on the front. It is oily, grassy and almost savory at first. But then some light spices begin to form at the center, which give way to a more mellow, nutty flavor, accompanied by the taste of sherry. The spice and sherry continue at a level pace until the sweetness picks up at the end, turning the sherry notes to port. After the port comes the long, satisfying finish that recalls milk chocolate.

Regardless of what the historical Benachie tasted like, this recreation is a treat. It’s a complex scotch that manages to merge the herbal and the sweet into the same tasting experience, in a way that I’ve never quite encountered before.

— 43% ABV
— $43

CE Rating: ★★★

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