makar glasgow gin

Scotland. It’s not just for scotch anymore.

This message comes courtesy of The Glasgow Distillery Co., the folks responsible for Makar Glasgow Gin. Makar, which is the Scots word for “poet,” has the distinction of being the first gin ever made in its namesake city and is distilled in a copper pot still that goes by the name of “Annie.” Makar sports seven botanicals, with juniper serving as the backbone. The nose is particularly strong with juniper, but also conjures aromas of grass and wet straw.

On the palate Makar is light and dry, almost delicate. It begins with that grassy, straw taste and then juniper emerges on the tongue, followed by other botanicals like angelica root, cassia bark and rosemary. It’s a subtle reveal, and a striking contrast to the punchy floral flavors of so many new world gins. The juniper fades, and black peppercorns provide a pleasant kick of mild spice to close out the experience.

Makar also pairs well with tonic. The relative mildness of its botanicals, coupled with its lightness and dryness, make it crisp and refreshing in G&T form.

In short, it’s precisely the sort of gin you want to be drinking on a rooftop as the temperature climbs this summer.

— 43% ABV
— $39.95

CE Rating: ★★★

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