mezcal amarasMezcal Amarás is a new-to-the-United States mezcal that was just recently introduced by Anchor Distilling Company. It’s a collaborative effort, handcrafted by five master mezcaleros in the village of San Juan del Río in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mezcal Amarás is made from Espadín agave plants grown on the hills surrounding San Juan del Rio. After being harvested, the plants are roasted for five days in stone ovens before the agave hearts are ground and crushed on a horse-drawn mill. The liquid and fibers then naturally ferment for up to 13 days. Lastly, the liquid is distilled twice in copper pot stills.

All that creates a mezcal that’s rich and smoky on the nose, with aromas of cooked tropical fruits, black pepper, spices and burning campfire. The mouthfeel is thin, but silky smooth, with warm and sweet flavors of vegetation and fruit–pineapple and melon–balanced by some dry earth. The finish is long and very dry, with a crisp, clean note carrying through until the very end.

Mezcal Amarás is a good, traditional mezcal. It’s smoky, but not overly so, and the fruit and spice notes add some welcome complexity to an otherwise straightforward spirit.

– 41% ABV
– $49.99

CE Rating: ★★★★


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