new amsterdam ginBefore there was New York, there was New Amsterdam, and New Amsterdam Gin pays homage to the former Dutch settlement with a namesake gin.  Of course, New Amsterdam Gin is actually distilled in Modesto, California. Go figure.

New Amsterdam Gin is a far cry from the London Dry style of gins that stand upon a firm juniper base. Instead, New Amsterdam hints at juniper and other botanicals while delivering a hefty wallop of citrus—most notably, orange.

On the nose you’ll find those hints of juniper, but they mostly disappear on the palate, which is rich in sweet citrus with some underlying floral notes. It’s thick and a bit oily on the tongue, and it finishes with a dry, citrusy tang.

New Amsterdam isn’t like a citrus vodka — it’s not chemical tasting, and that bit of juniper will remind the drinker he’s having gin.  It tastes pretty solid, overall, and I can imagine many gin haters liking New Amsterdam.  That said, gin purists will lament its lack of juniper.

New Amsterdam Gin is a smooth, easy-going spirit and works nicely in fruit forward cocktails, but it doesn’t fare so well in a martini or other classic drinks.  If you want to experiment with drinks or need a reliable gin for your well, then New Amsterdam may be the gin for you.  Plus, at only about $14 a bottle, it’s a great bargain.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $14

CE Rating: ★★★


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  • YaFatha says:

    All that slander because the NA folks went citrus instead of juniper…

  • SP says:

    It’s best to read the article before spouting off some ridiculous conspiracy theory involving a $14 gin and a stuffed parrot. Before you accuse a writer of “regurgitating the press release” thereby implying that the writer is plagiarizing, I hope you have proof and facts to back up your statement. Otherwise, you may be exposing yourself to libel liability.

  • Erskine –

    I’ll assume you ranted before actually reading the review. I clearly note that it tastes similar to a citrus vodka, and that it’s not for gin purists or classic gin cocktails. I also note that it tastes pretty decent–which you’re free to disagree with–and that it works fine in fruit-forward cocktails. Both true, in my opinion.

    As to your statement that new gins are at ridiculous price points, and that I’m a shill for the distillers — New Amsterdam Gin is $14 a bottle. It’s one of the cheaper gins around. The idea that I’d sell out for $14 is laughable. $15, sure, but never $14.

    I stand by every word I wrote. Is New Amsterdam a usual in my rotation? No. I’m a Beefeater guy. I like gin that slaps me in the face with a handful of juniper. But at $14, I happily recommend it as a versatile, value gin.

  • Erskine Farquharson says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade. This is not gin. This stuff is rot-gut vodka with heavy-handed creamsicle flavoring to try and hide the fact.

    Is that what the new american gin movement is all about? Tapping into the market of uneducated but affluent candy-flavored vodka drinkers for the sake of pushing substandard products at ridiculous price points?

    I would love to see a review or blog of this product that does not suck up for free samples by regurgitating the press release.

    Cowboy up and tell us what you think of the products you review, instead of being a stuffed parrot, dammit. There are plenty of quality gins out there looking for a voice. You maybe could be that guy if you had the cahones.

  • Aaron says:

    I recently reviewed New Amsterdam also, and I pretty much agree with you across the board. It is definitely one of the near-bottom shelf options and really fits well with a lot of the other gins that are part of the burgeoning American Gin movement. Though if you like the slight juniper and stronger citrus flavor, you might like Bluecoat better. Also American style, but a more sophisticated and balanced take on the same flavors New Amsterdam has.

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