plantation 3 stars white rumHere’s some rum news: Plantation, the guys best known for their quality aged rums (aged in Cognac casks, mind you), recently launched a white rum. This new offering, dubbed Plantation 3 Stars White Rum, is named after the three rum-producing stars of the Caribbean — Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. And each island plays an integral role in this rum.

And because it’s not a Plantation rum without some kind of interesting twist, Plantation 3 Stars is a blend comprised of aged and unaged rums. Here’s the tally: we’ve got three year old Trinidadian rum; unaged Barbados rum; unaged Jamaican rum; and 12 year old Jamaican rum. That’s quite a blend. Nearly every rum company makes a white rum. Some even produce aged rums that are filtered clear. But with its complex blends of aged and unaged rums, Plantation 3 Stars takes that to another level.

So, how does it fare? Quite well. On the nose, it’s full of tropical fruits, bananas and rich brown sugar. Take a sip and the rich Jamaican rum really stands out. There’s more fruit, some floral notes, and plenty of sweet vanilla. Plus some subtle, earthy spice, which lingers long into the finish.

This is a white rum you can truly sip, if you’re so inclined. But we can attest that Plantation 3 Stars also makes some fine cocktails. We whipped up a quick rum punch and a daiquiri, with good results. It’s clean, balanced and not too heavy, so it won’t overwhelm your drinks. But it’s got enough flavor to really stand out, with those tropical fruits and rich Jamaican rum notes coming through clearly.

Well done, Plantation.

– 41.2% ABV
– $24.99 for a one liter bottle

CE Rating: ★★★★


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