prairie cucumber vodkaWe hope you like cucumbers.

Or, to be more specific, Prairie Organic hopes you do. The brand produces a small portfolio of gins and vodkas made with organic ingredients, and one of those happens to be a cucumber flavored vodka.

Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka offers a powerful, fresh whiff of cucumbers straight from the glass. It should be an indicator of things to come, but the sheer cucumber-ness of the drink is still enough to knock you flat (so much as cucumber-flavored anything can knock you flat).

And that is to the spirit’s credit. It is a lush, wet, juicy cucumber flavor that begins cool—as a cucumber, you might say—before developing some heat at the finish. But once that heat subsides, you’re left with a cucumber finish that lasts longer
than you ever thought a vodka could.

Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka is a potent, rounded powerhouse of cucumber flavor. Its reception will vary based on just how much the drinker enjoys cucumber, but this is as fresh an experience as you can get from a bottle.

— 35% ABV
— $19.99

CE Rating: ★★★

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