purus vodka

As a general rule, most everything the Italians make is pretty. This maxim also applies to vodka.

Purus Vodka, which hails from the peninsula’s Piedmont region, comes in a bottle with a long, sinuous, asymmetrical neck. It looks like something your investment banker friend would use to store olive oil. Over the top? Undeniably. Pretty? Very much so.

The juice itself is made with organic Italian grains and alpine water, and distilled five times. There’s little aroma to speak of, other than some spiced grain.

It’s mellow and light-bodied on the tongue. A bright sweetness emerges at the start, which gradually grows slightly acidic and takes on a pleasant lemon rind flavor. Black pepper emerges at the middle of the palate and soon takes center stage. It ends with a long, dry, and pleasantly understated finish.

Overall, it’s a fine sipping vodka that matches a bright, sweet flavor with its dry, peppery finish. And at just below $20, it’s a great value as well.

Plus you can fill it up with olive oil later.

40% ABV

CE Rating: ★★★

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