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Patron holds a unique reputation in the cocktail world. It’s a popular call at bars, a marketing darling and a tequila that’s highly-regarded by the drinking public. But it gets less love from the craft bartending community. In an age where traditional practices are revered, some of that distaste may come from Patron’s production process, in which the agave is crushed using a blend of techniques — 1) the traditional tahona process (more on that below), and 2) the roller mill process, a more modern technique that results in higher yields of agave juice. The latter is a very common method among major brands, but Patron is getting back to basics with its newest release.

Because here comes Roca Patron, a new lineup of tequilas that are crafted exclusively by the traditional tahona process, in which harvested agave is crushed by a stone wheel to break down the agave and release its juice. From there, both the fibers and the juice are placed into wooden fermentation vats for three days before being distilled in a copper pot still. You can read all about this on the very transparent Roca website.

Roca Patron is available in silver, reposado and anejo expressions. We’ve got a bottle of the silver. On the nose, you’ll find soft aromas of baked agave, pepper and vanilla. It’s an overall milder experience than original Patron Silver. We expected the opposite. Take a sip, and Roca Patron Silver is smooth on the palate–the extra 5% ABV hardly noticeable. It coats your tongue with an interesting mix of sweet, cooked agave and dry earthiness. There’s some lime zest and pepper for a small kick before the smooth and easy finish.

This is a really easy-drinking tequila. At 45% ABV and a bigger emphasis on how they process agave, we expected a bolder, more agave-forward tequila. But here we’ve actually got a silver tequila that’s softer than the original. If you’re looking for a big, brash tequila, this isn’t it. But by respecting traditional production practices and creating a light, sippable spirit, Patron should have something that appeals to purists and Patron aficionados alike. Assuming you don’t mind the price tag.

– 45% ABV
– $69

CE Rating: ★★★★

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