Arkansas’ Rock Town Distillery just announced the debut of its first whiskey – Arkansas Young Bourbon Whiskey. It is pot distilled from a mash of Arkansas corn and wheat, and unlike most bourbons, there’s no rye grain in the mash bill.

It’s called a “young” bourbon because, well, it’s young, spending just three to six months in oak. It’s aged in small five and 10 gallon barrels, which accelerates the spirit’s maturation process.

Arkansas Young Bourbon Whiskey was handmade in very small batches, and only 114 cases were bottled on this first release. Some will go to Illinois and Tennessee as well as liquor stores and restaurants throughout Arkansas.

It’s bottled at 92 proof and carries a hefty suggested retail price of $24.99 for a 375ml bottle.

In addition to the bourbon, Rock Town Distillery also produces a vodka, a gin and an unaged whiskey called Arkansas Lightning.

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Sounds interesting but at 6 months old it isn’t a bourbon.

Cocktail Enthusiast
Cocktail Enthusiast

Brian – it is a bourbon, it’s just not a straight bourbon. You need at least 2 years in oak for that distinction.


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