ron abuelo anejo rumRon Abuelo is a product of Panama, and the company’s rum production can be traced back to Panama’s first sugar mill, which opened in 1908. Ron Abuelo offers a line of rums, including the Anejo, 7 Años, 12 Años and the recently-released Centuria.

Ron Abuelo Anejo is the entry-level rum in the Ron Abuelo lineup, and though it doesn’t carry an age statement, three to four years is a safe assumption.

It starts out a bit alcoholic on the nose, but let it settle in the glass for a few minutes, and much of that heat dissipates. Dive in again to find standard rum aromas of brown sugar and molasses. Take a sip and the rum is sweet and spicy, with notes of vanilla, sugar cane and butterscotch, plus hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s a light-bodied rum lacking in complexity, but those few years in oak have ironed out much of the harshness associated with rums this young. The finish is pleasant and moderate in length, turning very dry toward the end.

Cocktail wise, it makes a good anejo daiquiri, and its flavorful backbone stands up nicely in a variety of tiki drinks. Plus, it’s so cheap that you can mix freely without considering cost.

Overall, Ron Abuelo Anejo is a pretty solid rum, made better by its price tag. At about $15, it’s far better than many rums in its class, and though it really finds its mark as a mixer, it’s smooth and flavorful enough to warrant sipping neat. There are plenty of better rums on the market, but perhaps none at this price.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $15.99

CE Rating: ★★★


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  • Joe says:

    Just picked up a bottle at Specs, after discount it was only $12.50! Good stuff indeed for the price.

  • Jackson says:

    Wow, that’s cheap. Do you know if it’s available nationwide? I haven’t seen it… then again, i’ve never looked for it.

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