ron jeremy rumRon Jeremy (yes, that Ron Jeremy, the porn star) has introduced a self-titled rum. Ron de Jeremy Rum is distilled in Panama and aged seven years. It’s billed as an “adult rum” with a “long, smooth taste.” Innuendos aside, let’s take it for a spin.

The rum circumnavigates total gimmick status by enlisting master distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez to create the spirit. He’s a respected veteran behind such rums as Havana Club and Matusalem.

The Ron de Jeremy bottle sports a picture of the man himself. Empty the contents into a glass and find an amber-to-copper spirit with aromas of vanilla, caramel, fruit and spice. It’s a little thin and alcoholic at first, but it opens up with flavors of sugar cane, dried fruit and oak. The finish is moderately long and balanced between sweet and spice.

Overall, Ron de Jeremy fared better than I expected. The name, and the shot of Ron Jeremy on the bottle, scream gimmick. But take a sip, and doubts are drowned with a pretty tasty rum. Get a bottle for yourself; it makes for solid drinking, but at the very least, it’s a great conversation piece for rum-guzzling friends.


– 40% ABV
– $30

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