ron diplomatico blanco reviewRon Diplomatico is a Venezuela-based rum that’s received a lot of our attention lately. Partly because it seems to show up at more and more bars we frequent, but also because it’s sporting a six-strong lineup of rums ranging from a six year old blanco to a 1997 single vintage expression. Of current interest is that six year old Blanco Reserve.

Ron Diplomatico Blanco Reserve is a blend of dark and light rums. It pours crystal clear as a direct result of the charcoal filtering. On the nose, it’s full of buttery toast, brown sugar and vanilla. Take a sip, and the rum is smooth and creamy with a much bigger mouthfeel than you’d expect from any blanco rum. You’ll taste some coffee and caramel, some mild chocolate and something akin to dates or raisins. It’s just about the furthest thing from mass market white rums, which lean more toward vegetal firewater. On the finish, the Blanco Reserve moves from sweet to very dry with just a touch of pepper.

It makes a fine daiquiri, that’s for sure. And it adds some nice depth to a Cuba Libre. But we didn’t even think to make a cocktail until we’d already sipped a couple ounces neat. Either way, give this rum a whirl.

– 40% ABV
– about $35

CE Rating: ★★★★

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