russell's reserve bourbonRussell’s Reserve Bourbon is a 10 year old bourbon distilled by Jimmy Russell, the master distiller of Wild Turkey. Russell’s Reserve used to reflect its limited edition bottling under the Wild Turkey label, but the small batch bourbon now sports its own label, as seen here.

Russell’s Reserve Bourbon is a deep amber color and has aromas of spicy cinnamon, vanilla and oak. It’s very warming on the palate, with lots of baking spices, nuttiness, white pepper and rich caramel.  It’s full and round, staying fairly tame despite the spicy start, and it finishes long and dry.

At 10 years old, Russell’s Reserve bourbon has an oaky bite that’s pretty distinctive in cocktails. This whiskey works just fine in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, but you can certainly drink it neat or with an ice cube. The latter opens up the 90 proof spirit and cuts some of the spice. Overall, it’s a good drink, and at about $30 per bottle, it’s a solid bargain for a 10 year old bourbon.

– 45% Alcohol by Volume
– $30

CE Rating: ★★★★

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  • SBDavin says:

    I’ve been experimenting with many of the different brands bourbon but this one is my favorite. Very little bite and tasty! I drink it with ice.

  • JD says:

    I may have just gotten a bad bottle or bad barrel, but this stuff is just terrible. I have a bottle of Old Forester 86 bottom shelf that I use for a mixer and it is an elixer compared to this nail polish remover.

  • John says:

    I’ve always been a scotch man, and still enjoy a good single malt or high end blend, but recently was reintroduced to bourbon, and Russell’s Reserve ten your old is a wonderful way to step into a really great drink. Straight up, this drink is truly a smooth, smooth drink. Mixed it addds a wonderful finish to drinks that had become rather mundane through familiarity. I’m glad I came across this in my local beverage center.

  • Mark Baughman says:

    great stuff! has been my new favorite for a while now. love the spiceness and even finish with a little bit of rye in the back. great high end bourbon that reflects the rye base of the great 101 wild turkey. it is to my taste the best out there if you like a smooth rye based bourbon that never stops!

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