Back in June, Denver-based Spring44 released a gin, vodka and honey vodka. Like all Spring44 spirits, the gin is distilled five times, filtered through a virgin coconut husk carbon filtration system and cut with spring water from the Rocky Mountains. The gin is comprised of 12 aromatic botanicals, including juniper berries, lavender, jasmine and citrus peels.

Spring 44 Gin is crystal clear, and on the nose it has clean aromas of juniper, lime, sage, wheat and spice. The entrance is cool and creamy on the palate, with mint, spice, flowers and a mild dose of juniper. It finishes long with more spice and notes of minerals, herbs and citrus peels. Lots of flavor in this one.

Though Spring44 Gin packs a fair amount of juniper, it’s not your typical London Dry style of gin. The other botanicals – including flowery lavender, jasmine and citrus – play a very prominent role, making it closer to a New Western style gin, like Aviation, Roxor Gin or the also-from-Colorado Leopold’s Gin.

Gin’s a fairly divisive category, with many drinkers claiming to hate its strong “pine cone” flavors. Spring44 might woo some holdouts to the gin category with its easy-drinking flavor profile that’s devoid of harsh juniper notes. That said, Spring44 isn’t the best choice for traditional gin cocktails, but it works great in fruit-forward drinks. Muddle some berries, throw in a few sprigs of mint or sage, and Spring44 makes a lovely cocktail.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $30


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  • like2drink says:

    I recently got into gin.. I know what you mean about the piney flavor. i guess some like it some don’t. i don’t, but i do like some softer gins like hendrick’s. even sapphire is okay, but i don’t like tanqueray and beefeater much. i’ll have to give this one a try. any idea where i can find it? i live in florida.

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