uv sriracha vodka

uv sriracha vodkaThis week, UV Vodka announced its newest flavor: Sriracha. UV Sriracha is the first sriracha-flavored vodka, capitalizing on the craze that saw Lays introduce sriracha-flavored potato chips earlier this year.

UV Srirach Vodka is made with its own proprietary blend of chiles, garlic and other vegetables. It’s being billed as an easy and flavorful way to add a spicy kick to savory cocktails, like the bloody mary.

According to the company, “the nose has a blend of chili peppers, including the hotter red chili pepper and the more subtle green chili pepper. UV Sriracha has a pepper character that hits you right up front, which is very quickly followed by the hot pepper. The hot stays mainly on the front of the tongue. It is buffered by the green pepper so the spice comes through, without offensive heat.”

Did you get all that? Point is: pepper vodka, but a different pepper vodka than what’s currently on the market. UV Sriracha is just the latest flavor innovation from the company that’s already brought us questionable flavors like salty watermelon, cake, candy bar and blue. That’s right, blue. So we guess this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, especially with other companies recently releasing vodkas flavored with everything from Cinnabon to menthol tobacco.

UV Sriracha is available now for $11.99, so at least you won’t be spending much money on it, should you choose to experiment.

– 30% ABV
– $11.99

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