bitter truth olive bitters

bitter truth olive bitters

The Bitter Truth, the lauded German producer of cocktail bitters, has finally freed the olive. Previously, their olive bitters were only available in a 20mL size as part of the The Bitter Truth Bar Pack. But in April the brand acquiesced to demand and released it in a full 200mL size.

Aromatic bitters are expected to pack an olfactory punch, but the degree to which these bitters recall freshly sliced olive is remarkable. Tasted straight there is a strong, sharp flavor of olive on the front of the palate, followed by a tangy, funky brine in the back.

Later, I subjected The Bitter Truth Olive Bitters to the ultimate test: a Churchill Martini. I poured 2.5 ounces of chilled Rutte Dry Gin into a Martini glass while staring at an unopened bottle of vermouth, then added three dashes of the bitters. The bitters managed to punch above this deadly juniper bomb, balancing the bone-dry gin with the brightness of its tangy, briny flavor. Best of all, their non-solid nature avoided the mess that would come with using an actual olive.

If you enjoy the flavor of a dirty martini but would rather forgo the “dirty” part, The Bitter Truth Olive Bitters are a godsend.

CE Stats:
— 39% ABV
— $19.99 (200mL)

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