the lash spiced rumThe Lash Spiced Rum is a blend of West Indies rums aged four years in used bourbon barrels.  The Lash is infused with spices, bourbon vanilla extract and other flavors.

The name “The Lash” presumably stems from the quote—often attributed to Winston Churchill—that the navy consisted of nothing but “rum, sodomy and the lash.”  Clever name aside, The Lash Spiced Rum also tastes pretty good.

On the nose, there’s lots of cinnamon and some vanilla, plus hints of other baking spices like clove and nutmeg.  Take a sip and the blend of sweet and spicy is intense, but the whole affair goes down quite smoothly.  The spices create a warm, dry mouth feel, and the rum finishes moderately long and warm.

You’ll notice small bits of matter floating at the bottom of the bottle, but don’t fret; it’s simply some sediment from the spices included in the rum.

While some spiced rums creep up toward 100 proof, The Lash weighs in at a mere 70.  I thought the spicy sweetness might overpower a 70 proof rum, but it held its own.  That said, there’s no reason to dilute it with ice or dump The Lash into cola or cocktails.  It’s definitely an easy sipper with no harshness or alcoholic burn.

All in all, I like it.  It merges sweet and spicy into a well-balanced result, and the integrity of the rum stays intact even at the relatively low proof.

– 35% Alcohol by Volume
– $30


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