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crafthouse cocktails

Too Darn Hot

While the majority of spirits clock in at 80 proof (40% ABV),’s Kara Newman notes that “high proof” offerings have increased substantially. “Frankly, these spirits are too darn hot,” she says. “Many producers (and drinkers) argue that higher-proof spirits are more aromatic and flavorful. To be fair, many of them are, particularly whiskeys and other spirits that are aged in barrels.” However, she notes that higher proof spirits can also compromise your palate.

Newman goes on to say: “Here’s how I know for certain the high-proof trend has gotten out of hand: Some mixologists, especially those specializing in tiki cocktails, favor higher proof spirits explicitly for their pyrotechnic qualities.”

Speaking of overproof spirits, Tequila Tapatio recently released a 110 proof expression. We like it.

Space Booze

It seems there are giant clouds of alcohol floating around in space. But before you pack up your travel bar kit and book a trip to deep space, we should probably note that these clouds are 58 quadrillion miles away. And contain lots of poison. But still, it is believed that the interstellar booze could smell like raspberry-flavored rum. Which could help make one hell of a cocktail.

Bottled Cocktails

There’s a new player in the ready-to-drink cocktail market. Crafthouse Cocktails is a new venture offering three varieties (Moscow Mule, Paloma and Southside) and will be released this month in Chicago.

Some New Tequila

Hotel California Tequila announced the launch of its small-batch tequilas inspired the historic hotel. The lineup includes Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo expressions. All three were rated 90 points or higher at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Go America

Apparently, Americans really love their vino. The United States now ranks as the number one wine drinking market in the world. 45% of Americans drink wine, and those drinkers account for 13% of the world’s total wine consumption.

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