busted barrel rum

busted barrel rumGym. Tan. Distill.
Sometimes, New Jersey gets a bad rap. Mostly because of things like Snookie. And Newark. But hey, give the Garden State a chance. Because it’s making rum now. See, for the first time since Prohibition, New Jersey’s getting its very own distillery. Jersey Artisan Distilling is now open and will eventually offer a full line of spirits, beginning with their Busted Barrel Rum.

BREAKING: America Loves Beer
It should come as no surprise that Americans love a good frosty brew. And nowhere in the free world do they love it more than… North Dakota. Huh, didn’t see that one coming. But it turns out that North Dakotans consume 45.8 gallons of beer per capita per year. Impressive. Less impressive is Utah, which ranks last in the country in beer consumption with a modest 20.2 gallons per capita per year.

Brenne Whisky Review
This week, we reviewed an incredibly smooth, fruit-forward whisky aged in French Limousin oak and used Cognac casks. Brenne French Single Malt Whisky is a soft and approachable whisky that even your non-whisky drinking friends should enjoy. If not, maybe consider getting some new friends.

Go West, Organic Spirits
The organic trend is here to stay, and the popularity of organic spirits continues to grow. Michigan’s Journeyman Distillery is expanding their distribution into California. Their full line of spirits are certified organic and even include a batch and bottle number on every label that enables you to trace the liquid from farmer, to distiller, to consumer. Journeyman organic spirits can also be found in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

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