9mm vodka

Vodka. In a Gun. Seriously.
In case you’ve ever wanted to pour vodka into your mouth straight from a glass submachine gun, well, you can do that now. It’s thanks to 9mm Vodka, a new outfit that’s currently raising funds on IndieGoGo. An Oxford-educated gentleman is the man behind the new spirit, which promises an ultra-premium vodka “menacingly presented in an aluminium flight-case.” Good luck getting that thing through customs. Also, make sure the safety is off before drinking. Also… no, that’s enough.

New Hooch from The Bowmore
The team at Bowmore has launched The Devil’s Casks, which is a new expression that’s been matured exclusively in first-fill sherry casks for 10 years. Scotch is commonly finished in sherry casks, but it’s very unusual for scotch or any whiskey to be matured in sherry casks only. The Bowmore Devil’s Casks clocks in at a hearty 56.9% ABV, with six thousand bottles slated for an October release.

hudson maple cask rye whiskey

Hudson Releases Maple Cask Rye
Tuthilltown Spirits is getting into the flavored whiskey game with Hudson Maple Cask Rye. The rye is simply aged in used maple syrup barrels, so the rye soaks up the natural flavor from the wood, with no sugar or extra flavorings added. The result is a rye whiskey that still tastes like rye. Just, you know, more maple-y. So that’s good news. The bad news: it’s only available in New York and San Francisco. Plan your fall vacations accordingly.

A New Distillery is Coming to Islay
Some unofficially official new Islay distillery news. Whisky Advocate reports that the island’s ninth distillery has been given the green light to break ground. The distillery will be named Gartbreck, and will be the smallest on the island. After going 125 years without a new distillery, this will be the second in the last eight years for Islay.

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