topo piedmont ginTop of the Hill Distillery is based in North Carolina and makes a vodka and white whiskey in addition to their newest offering: Piedmont Gin. The gin is distilled from organic Carolina wheat, and made in the style of New American gins. It relies less heavily on juniper for its flavor profile, instead favoring other botanicals like cardamom, coriander, star anise and cucumber.

TOPO Piedmont Gin is really interesting on the nose. The juniper is there, but it’s subtle. More prominent are some soft, sweet vanilla aromas, plus some fruit, cardamom and a bit of mint. Drink up and you’ll get more cardamom, some cucumber and plenty of citrus. There’s an evergreen background tying things together, and it finishes clean and dry with a hint of black pepper.

This is an easy-drinking gin. Especially at 92 proof. If you’re looking for a London Dry gin to make martinis, this isn’t it. But it’s definitely got lots of flavor. And one thing we like the best: its base spirit, that soft winter wheat, is never overpowered. The sweetness of the wheat shines through to mingle with the botanicals.

Gin purists will miss the juniper, but vodka fans and those who prefer softer gins will find a lot to like here.

– 46% Alcohol by Volume
– $28.95

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