vision vodkaVision Vodka hails from Oregon, where it’s crafted with American wheat and mountain spring water before being distilled five times. During its short time on the market, Vision Vodka has won numerous awards, including a gold medal at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a score of 93 from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Sounds promising.

However, it comes from a company best known for producing entertainment awards like the Golden Globe statuettes; it’s a fixture in NYC nightclubs, comes in a chic bottle and relies heavily on lifestyle-oriented marketing. With few exceptions, such a pedigree often suggests a product that masks poor craftsmanship with pretty packaging. That said, let’s take it for a spin.

The first impression is a good one. The soft, sweet nose gives off pleasant grain aromas with no overwhelming medicinal notes. On the palate it’s silky smooth and offers a well-balanced blend of sweetness, citrus and spicy grain. It finishes short, clean and dry with no burn.

Despite some reservations noted above, Vision Vodka performed admirably. It’s a good representative of wheat vodkas and shows how solid production methods can produce quality, ingredient-driven spirits.

The small-batch vodka is currently available in New York and New Jersey.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $28

CE Rating: ★★★


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