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Here’s something new from Wild Turkey. It’s called Master’s Keep, and it’s a limited edition 17-year-old Bourbon, which marks the oldest bourbon we’ve ever seen from Wild Turkey. This new expression is the brand’s first release under the direction of Master Distiller Eddie Russell, who took up the role alongside his dad Jimmy earlier this year.

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep got its start in 1997 when the brand had a surplus of bourbon and a shortage of storage space. So Eddie moved some of the bourbon to an empty stone warehouse for a few years, which affected the bourbon a bit differently than the wooden warehouses at Wild Turkey. After 17 years, Eddie thought these barrels reached their peak flavor, but the resulting proof was a surprise. Barreled at 107 proof, the whiskey was just 89 proof when dumped out of the barrels and 86.8 proof when bottled.

Russell notes that “The sweet spot for bourbon aging is usually between 8-12 years because older bourbons tend to become too woody or spicy from sitting too long in the barrel.” But with Master’s Keep, you’ve got a bourbon that retains those rich caramel and vanilla flavors you expect, something that can likely be attributed to the barrels aging more slowly during their time in those stone warehouses.


Appearance: Amber with gold hues
Nose: Vanilla, caramel and cinnamon, plus hints of dark fruit
Taste: Smooth and silky entry with vanilla, orange peel, baking spices and oak
Finish: Long, spicy and warm with notes of wood and caramel

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep hits shelves this month with a suggested retail price of $150.

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