wild turkey spicedWild Turkey’s latest innovation — Wild Turkey Spiced — is their second flavored offering (American Honey being the first). The spiced bourbon is a crossover product aimed squarely at the spiced rum market. The name itself is even hedging its bets. In attempting to covet both the whiskey and rum markets, Wild Turkey has kept the name somewhat ambiguous. But in smaller print on the label, you’re assured that what you’re drinking is, in fact, bourbon.

According to the website, Wild Turkey Spiced is a blend of four and six year old whiskeys. It clocks in at a solid 86 proof, which is refreshing, especially considering American Honey’s modest 71 proof and Wild Turkey’s heritage as a high-proof brand.

Wild Turkey Spiced pours a dark amber in the glass. On the nose it’s a heady mix of vanilla, caramel and cloves. Drink up and there’s more of the same, plus some oak, burned sugar and pepper. And throughout it all, there’s a chocolate note that’s cloyingly sweet. It finishes with plenty more spice, plus a mildly unpleasant aftertaste that we can’t quite decipher.

Overall, it’s a somewhat confusing tasting experience. There’s no denying that it’s packed with flavor, but those flavors don’t create much synergy. To be fair, this is a product that’s made for mixing rather than drinking neat. Cola in particular is a good choice. And if you’re a spiced rum fan, you might find the Wild Turkey Spiced to be a fine bedfellow for cola. But we’re hard-pressed to imagine stalwart spiced rum fans eschewing their rum in favor of bourbon that’s playing dress up.

If you want to give it a try for yourself, Wild Turkey Spiced will be available nationwide this fall.

– 43% ABV
– $22.99

CE Rating: ★★

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