Vodka’s an interesting spirit. It’s consumed in higher quantities than any other liquor, yet it’s maligned by a large segment of the mixology community. There was even a panel at last month’s Tales of the Cocktail dedicated to the love/hate relationship between drinkers and vodka.

One important note to come out of the panel discussion was that most vodka haters actually despise the marketing more than the spirit itself. The Ultra-Mega-Super-Premium, Octuple Distilled labels and corresponding price tags relegate many vodkas to mere lifestyle products, rather than spirits of true substance.

So it’s refreshing that Wódka vodka, a quality, Polish-made rye vodka, is now available for about $9 per 750ml bottle. It just might be the best cheap vodka that doesn’t taste cheap, and it’s priced like most vodkas should be priced, but aren’t. Years ago, Grey Goose and Belvedere changed the industry by charging upwards of $25 for a bottle of vodka. Since then, it seems anything cheaper than $20 and absent of fancy packaging is regarded as swill.

When asked how Wódka can produce a properly-made vodka for a mere $9, James Dale, President of Panache Imports Worldwide said: “It is simple. Essentially, we have a great source for the premium vodka and leverage our entire portfolio whilst not being greedy.”

Vodka is made from abundant, inexpensive ingredients, so there’s no reason to price it like it’s not. Wódka seems to understand that. I’m no vodka drinker, but even I appreciate the value of a $9 bottle.



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