Five tried and tested bourbons to get you started with America's native spirit.

st george agricole rumGin Shortage?

Popular Science reports a fungus-like mold is annihilating juniper trees in the UK. So that sounds ominous. Could this be a threat to the world supply of gin? Probably not. The danger to your gin and tonic is very real, they say, but not imminent, as most distilleries import their juniper berries from outside the UK.

St. George California Agricole Rum

St. George Spirits, the California-based makers of whiskeys, gins and a handful of other spirits, has introduced a new agricole rum (pictured) that should hit shelves this July. This is a re-launch of their Agua Libre Rum, which they released a few years back. From the company — “Made from 100% California sugarcane, St. George California Agricole Rum is a pure, primal, unapologetic expression of fresh California cane. Intensely grassy, sultry, and robust, this rum is not for the faint of heart—but for those who love it there is no substitute. $50 / 43% ABV

Down on the Bayou

Louisiana rum producer, Bayou Rum, will make their global debut at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. The “Spirit of Louisiana” will be served at four different events (July 17-20), so if you’re going to Tales, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to taste it.

Flavor of Love

Apparently, flavored whiskeys are the fastest-growing segment in the bourbon industry. In 2012, flavored whiskey was responsible for nearly 75% of growth amongst all whiskeys and 42% of growth in bourbon. Adding to that mix, Knob Creek Smoked Maple is coming this fall. We might have to start taking flavored liquor a bit more seriously.

Bourbon, America

USA Today’s ranking of “10 Amazing North American Road Trips” featured the Mecca of bourbon destinations: the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. “If the amber spirit beckons, head straight to Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. In the Bluegrass State, bourbon is both a heritage and a way of life, and the route is marked by small-batch and big-brand distilleries alike,” says USA Today. No objections here.

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