Flaviar Advent Calendar

We can’t say a bad word about Santa-shaped chocolates. But when it comes to prizes hidden behind tiny paper doors, we’ll choose to discover a nip-sized bottle of gin or whiskey every time.

Thankfully, the time of year that wills boozy advent calendars into existence is upon us. Whether you’d prefer to count down the remaining days until Christmas with gin, bourbon, or other spirits from across the globe, you can do so with the helpful advent calendars below.

Flaviar Whiskies of the World and Spirits of the World Advent Calendars

These worldly options from subscription based spirits website Flaviar include a Glencairn glass, a tasting booklet, and most importantly, 24 tiny vials of alcohol. The Whiskies of the World calendar includes a globe-trotting selection of brown spirits including single malts from the UK and Spain, while the Spirits of the World calendar counts pisco, cognac, and mezcal among its surprises. One thing to note: You don’t have to be a member to order, but members will receive a discount.

Whisky Advent Calendar

Twenty-four whiskies from across the world, from Taiwan to Scotland—that’s what you’re getting with this number from Drinks by the Dram. Each door holds a 30ml sample that should help make the lead-up to Christmas just a little bit more tolerable.

Bourbon Advent Calendar

Bourbon Advent Calendar

If your sipping loyalty lies with America’s homegrown spirit, you can opt for Drinks by the Dram’s bourbon-focused calendar. The 30ml mini-bottles within represent established names and younger craft makers within the category.

Ginvent Advent Calendar

Considering that “Christmas tree” is an oft-used description (or complaint) associated with the juniper-based spirit, gin deserves an advent calendar of its own. Now it has one, thanks to the UK’s Gin Foundry. The Ginvent Calendar contains 24 30ml bottles meant to represent the state of gin today, ranging from classic London Drys to Old Toms, New Worlds, and more. (You’ll have to ask Santa for tonic water.)

Heritage Spirits Advent Calendar

Heritage Spirits 2019 Spirits Advent Calendar

Each 50ml bottle within this calendar comes from a single source: Washington state’s Heritage Distilling Co. The advent calendar is chock-full of the craft distiller’s products, ranging from expected offerings like rye, bourbon, and gin to flavored vodkas. Right now, Heritage only ships the calendar to Washington, California, Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico, and Arizona. Hopefully some additional states will make the nice list next year.

DIY Advent Calendar

Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t make your own calendar—and doing so just got easier, thanks to this festive cardboard box on Amazon with ready-to-be-punched doors. You’ll have to supply the booze, so either load up on nips from your favorite liquor store or embrace the DIY spirit by filling tiny bottles yourself. An all-amaro calendar, or maybe one that solely features port-finished single malts? It’s all possible, so long as you have the bottles (and a steady pouring hand).

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