brainville rye whiskey

Do you realize… that a Flaming Lips rye exists?

Sorry. Had to do it.

Anyway, it really exists. Brainville Rye is a collaboration between the psychedelic rockers and Illinois-based FEW Spirits, and features fittingly psychedelic bottle art by Justin Helton. At 80 proof it’s slightly more mellow than other ryes on the market (its mash bill contains 70% rye), and is medium bold in color. Its uncomplicated nose is heavy on rye and grass.

It’s far gentler on the palate then you may expect from a rye whiskey, starting with tastes of citrus and orange rind. That delicate mouthfeel remains as it gets hotter and sweeter in the middle of the palate, pairing up a satisfying vanilla sweetness with a nuanced, slow-building spiciness. Baking spices play out during its long, round finish.

I’m used to ryes packing a real wallop—whether they’re coming from the bottom or the top of the shelf—and this lighter, more cerebral take courtesy of FEW is a refreshing change of pace. Its production is limited to just 5,000 bottles, so if you’d like to experience this excellent, slow-sipper of a rye, you might want to act now.

— 40% ABV
— $125

CE Rating: ★★★★

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