brugal anejo rumBrugal Rum was founded by Don Andres Brugal in the Dominican Republic in 1888. The Brugal Añejo Rum is a blend of rums aged between two and five years in American white oak casks.

The deep amber-colored spirit is very woody on the nose, with touches of vanilla and chocolate hiding behind the oak. There’s some alcoholic heat that quickly fades. Take a sip and taste earthy flavors of wood and leather, plus some caramel, brown sugar and dried fruit.

It has a very full, grippy mouthfeel full of wood tannins. It finishes moderately long with notes of oak, spice and some subtle sweetness.

The Brugal Añejo is a pretty decent rum, but the wood notes are pervasive and dominate the flavor. There’s enough sweetness to keep the rum from being one-note, but its woody taste and dry, tannic mouth feel beg for some touches of molasses or sugar cane.

That said, for about $20, the Brugal Añejo is a really good bargain for an aged rum, and its taste is certainly more interesting than some common anejos in its price range.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $19.99

CE Rating: ★★★



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  • Stacey Thomas says:

    I tried this rum for the first time when I visited the DR. It was so strong compared to the standard rum in the USA. It has a great taste. I highly recommend it.

  • Dr. Kenneth pride says:

    For me differentiating some of the “Tiers” of rum… I can only respond to what tastes good to me, and if I choose–works well in different.

    So, terrific. Thank you, for a wonderful drink.

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