bourbon heritage monthBourbon is a quintessential American spirit. So naturally, it deserves to be recognized. A holiday would be nice. Or maybe a whole month. On that note, September is Bourbon Heritage Month. It’s pretty awesome that 1/12 of the calendar year is dedicated to bourbon. So behold: some fun facts about that tasty American whiskey.

– Bourbon must be at least 51% corn, and can be composed of nothing besides water, grains and yeast.

– There are more bourbon barrels in Kentucky than there are people.

– Bourbon must clock in between 80 proof and 160 proof, and it must begin its aging process at no more than 125 proof.

– Bourbon has the most regulated spirits production process in the world.

– Bourbon takes its name from Bourbon County, Kentucky. However, in an ironic twist of fate, local law now prohibits bourbon production (or liquor of any kind) within the county.

– Bourbon must be aged in new American oak barrels.

– 95% of all Bourbon is made in Kentucky.

– In 1964, Congress recognized bourbon as a “distinctive product of the United States.”

These facts, and roughly 80,000 bourbon barrels per year, come courtesy of Wild Turkey.

And check out this infographic for more Bourbon-soaked details.

Wild turkey bourbon

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