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Dewar’s may be best known for its affordable White Label blended scotch whisky, but the brand has a formidable portfolio that includes the Smooth series of expressions, plus age-statement whiskies ranging from 12 to 25 years. One of the more interesting developments in recent years has been the Dewar’s Double Double range. Introduced in 2019 by Dewar’s Master Blender Stephanie Macleod, each whisky in this range undergoes a unique four-stage aging process that ends in a sherry cask finish.

Dewar’s Double Double 37-Year-Old is the latest addition to this range, and it’s Dewar’s oldest expression to date. Like the others in the range, it partakes in a four-step aging process, this time receiving a finishing touch in Oloroso sherry casks that once held Aultmore single malt. The twist is that Dewar’s Double Double 37 is a blended malt — it was made from a combination of single malt whiskies — and, with the Aultmore connection, it specifically pays homage to the Speyside Scotch whisky region. 

This is also the first release in the new, four-part Collector’s Series. Each whisky will be composed of blended malts and finished in a unique way. The next expressions will be released over consecutive years, with the second launching in 2024, the third in 2025, and the fourth and final Collector’s Series whisky in 2026.

Dewar’s Double Double 37-Year-Old was created by Macleod and her team. According to the brand, it has aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, and heather honey. Tasting notes include ripe peaches, orange peel, and brown sugar, and the finish is smooth, creamy, balanced, and complex.

The whisky has no additional coloring, it’s non-chill filtered, and it’s bottled at 48% ABV. The limited-release whisky comes in a 375 mL package and is joined by a pair of Masséna tumblers from the legendary French crystal house, Baccarat. It’s not cheap, at $1,799, but considering all of the above, that’s to be expected.

If it’s any consolation, Dewar’s Double Double 37-Year-Old ranked 12th on the International Whisky Competition’s list of Top Whiskies of 2023, and it was the highest rated blended scotch at 93.8 points.

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