dewar's lemon wedge cocktail on a golf course

The 123rd U.S. Open tees it up this week at Los Angeles Country Club. Whether you’re an avid golf fan or don’t know a birdie from a bogey, everyone can benefit from a good, summery cocktail.

Featuring an easygoing mix of scotch whisky, lemonade, and club soda, the Dewar’s Lemon Wedge is the official cocktail of the U.S. Open. It’s a modern twist on the classic highball, and its name serves as a double entendre—wedge referencing both the garnish and the golf club.

If you’re wandering around the course this weekend, the Dewar’s Lemon Wedge will be available at all F&B stands. If you’re watching at home, you can make the drink yourself—it’s easy. Or you can score this cocktail kit from Cocktail Courier through the month of June. It includes all the ingredients and garnishes necessary to make the drink, plus a couple of golf-themed glasses, tee garnish picks, and ball markers.

Dewar’s affiliation with the U.S. Open also extends to Dewar’s 19-Year-Old The Champions Edition, an expression inspired by the terroir of the Los Angeles Country Club. It’s aged in local red wine casks from the nearby Napa Valley, and has notes of red berries, black cherries, and a hint of nutmeg. This year’s edition was created by Four-Time Master Blender of the Year Stephanie Macleod in partnership with the USGA.

While Dewar’s 12-Year is a good choice for the Lemon Wedge cocktail, you’ll want to drink the 19-Year neat or over a large ice cube.

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