Don Ciccio Figli Ambrosia review

Ambrosia is no longer the nectar of the gods alone. Thanks to Washington, D.C.’s Don Ciccio & Figli, it can be a component of your home bar. Launched in May 2019, Ambrosia is a low-ABV aperitivo based on the distiller’s own family recipe and made with natural ingredients including blood orange and carrots, as well as nine other botanicals. 

It has a sweet nose with aromas of cantaloupes and carrots, plus a green undercurrent of rosemary and thyme. It is light and mellow on the palate with initial flavors of orange peel and cantaloupe, followed by carrot, rosemary, and thyme at the center. Its finish features an acidic burst of grapefruit and blood orange, followed up by the subtle snap of anise seed. 

By itself, Ambrosia is a bittersweet treat. A splash of soda water mellows out its sweetness without diluting its interesting acidity, vegetal flavors, and bittersweet finish, making for a fine aperitivo cocktail


— 15% ABV
— $31

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