**This week finds roving reporter Nico Martini in Atlanta. Below: some findings.**

The latest spot on my drinks tour: Barcelona. Which, in this case, is a bar/restaurant in Atlanta. It’s a good looking spot, with lots of rustic wood, a pewter partition separating the eaters from the drinkers and black and white photos roughly the size of Mini Coopers adorning the walls. Also, solid food and lots of wine. But I came here for cocktails.

First off, the Ay Cukarumba. It loses some points for the name, but quickly earns them back by featuring Neisson Blanc Rhum. Throw in some St. Germain, lime juice, Thai bitters and pimenton and… well, it’s certainly interesting. Pretty good, even. But not exactly what I was looking for.

Perhaps barkeep Tucker Sandlin realized this one didn’t quite hit the mark, because he quickly offered to make an off-menu Azteca, which blends Espolon Reposado (one of Cocktail Enthusiast’s favorite value tequilas) with Yellow Chartreuse, St. Germain and lemon juice. In a word: nice. In six words: it’s like summer in a glass. Fresh and very drinkable, but with a solid tequila backbone. That did the trick.

Also, this place makes an Aviation with Ransom Old Tom Gin. I like Atlanta.

240 N Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30307

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