1897 quinine gin

There’s a new gin in town, and it goes by the name 1897 Quinine Gin. 1897 is the year that Sir Ronald Ross made a breakthrough discovery that laid the foundation for fighting malaria. And the gin itself utilizes cinchona bark, the traditional source of quinine, which has been used to treat malaria for centuries.

1897 Quinine Gin is produced via a cold-distillation process to extract the cinchona bark, which adds plenty of flavor and floral aromas to the mix. The gin also calls upon 13 traditional botanicals like juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia and licorice, which are distilled in a copper pot still. Meanwhile, pink and white grapefruit and lemon peels are vacuum-distilled like the cinchona bark to add more complex, citrus character to the spirit.

It’s interesting stuff. And perhaps the best news: 1897 Quinine Gin supports Malaria No More UK by donating over half of the producer’s profit (at least £5) for every bottle sold. So that’s nice.

You can find 1897 Quinine Gin online at Master of Malt. It’ll cost you $51.

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