Pouring a bottle of the Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve
The Glenlivet

First introduced in April 2020, The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve differentiates itself from other scotch whiskies by having a portion of its whisky finished in casks that previously held Caribbean rum. It pours a light gold in the glass and carries a sweet nose packed with apples, pears, toffee, white banana and toasted marshmallow. 

On the palate it’s initially cool with a light, slippery texture and a light-to-medium body. Its first flavors are apple, caramel, toffee and stewed pears; at the center we pick up white banana and cereal. Those malty, bready notes and unripe banana flavors are touched with oak spice at the back, turning into something like banana bread. The baked banana flavors and gentle spice continue to mingle in its light but enjoyable finish. 

While I enjoyed The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve on its own, I also found it to be a successful ingredient in light whisky cocktails containing citrus juice, mint, and other components that bring summer drinking to mind. Caribbean Reserve is a worthy rejoinder to anyone who considers scotch to be off-limits in warm weather: It’s fruity, malty, light and delightful. 


— 40% ABV
— $34.99

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