gold bar whiskey

Gold Bar Whiskey is one spirit that won’t be mistaken—or missed on the shelf. Its bottle resembles a gold bar and includes a removable “Lady of Fortune” brass coin made by a private mint. The actual juice is a blend of rye, barley, and corn that is finished in French oak wine casks sourced from a Napa Valley winery.

Gold Bar Whiskey is light in color with just a trace of ruddiness, and has oak, green pepper, and tannic red wine on the nose. The first flavors to emerge are powerful vanilla and oak followed by something like cherry cola. It’s a smooth, sweet, one-two punch that is pleasant but fails to develop into anything more interesting. A dry, ashy burst of spice at the end is a nice surprise, but it ends too quickly. The final notes are dry, tannic, and redolent of red wine, which is interesting yet underwhelming in its duration.

gold bar whiskey bottle

Photo: Gold Bar Bottle Company

Gold Bar contains some surprising flavors, and drinkers (particularly red wine drinkers) who haven’t yet dabbled in neat whiskey will find a pleasant experience with some interesting wine characteristics. However, brown spirit enthusiasts may come away feeling underwhelmed.


— 40% ABV
— $49.95

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