With your hangover from National Scotch Day finally winding down, this is no time to rest or recuperate.  It’s merely time to switch gears and break out that bottle of rum you’ve been saving for a special occasion, which has arrived today in the form of National Rum Day.

Like any good booze-related holiday, National Rum Day’s history is soaked in speculation, spotty claims and exaggeration.  So rather than dig up the past, let’s enjoy the present, which, per the holiday’s decree, should find you sucking down your third Hemingway Daiquiri, mojito or El Presidente.

If cocktails are too complicated at this point, sipping rum is always a fine way to go.  Zaya Gran Reserva is a good one, offering plenty of vanilla, caramel and honeyed fruit.  Don Q Gran Anejo and Hawaii’s new Kōloa Rum will also do the trick.

Whatever your preference, indulge in some rum.  But reserve at least some liver function for National Whiskey Sour Day, which is just around the corner.

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