humboldt's finest cannabis vodka

humboldt's finest cannabis vodka

Humboldt Distillery–the small northern California brand behind a handful of spirits including organic vodka, spiced rum and brandy–has just released Humboldt’s Finest, a cannabis infused vodka. That’s right, cannabis. The small batch, 80-proof vodka is made with Oregon-grown hemp seed (otherwise known as cannabis sativa), but before you rush to find a bottle, know that it won’t actually get you high. That’s because the THC level is negligible, so you’re a lot more likely to feel the effects of alcohol than you are marijuana.

The hemp has a purpose, though, which is to infuse the vodka with a green herbaceous note. Says Humboldt: “We infuse vodka with a legal and locally grown hemp to achieve a spirit with a unique herbal aromatic quality. We’ve found it works well in place of gin, giving classic cocktails a fresh new spin.”

So there you go. Cannabis vodka. It’s available now for $29.99 per 750ml bottle, and you can currently find the stuff in California and Colorado.

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