Jameson Blenders DogJameson The Blender’s Dog is the second in a three-part “Whiskey Maker Series” from the classic Irish whiskey brand. We’re sorry to disappoint animal lovers, but that “Dog” in the title doesn’t refer to a loyal pooch: rather, it’s a reference to the copper tube used by distillers to sample whiskey from the barrel. This particular whiskey is the brainchild of Billy Leighton, Jameson’s Head Blender.

The Blender’s Dog appears faint gold in the glass, and has almond, cherry, and vanilla on the nose. It starts mildly warm on the tongue, with sweet, strong notes of vanilla and dark cherry. The heat picks up alongside the sweetness, and the fruity notes crescendo with kiwi at the center. The mouthfeel takes on a creamy texture in the middle, as flavors of biscuit and almond lead to an oaky, tannic conclusion with a decent amount of spice.

The Blender’s Dog appears to be Jameson’s effort to court more discerning whiskey drinkers, and the price reflects it–at $69.99 it’s more than twice the cost of Jameson in most markets. Yet it’s undoubtedly a more interesting and satisfying dram, complex enough to hold the interest of more seasoned tipplers while easy enough to be accessed by those who haven’t yet explored beyond the core product.

— 43% ABV
— $69.99

CE Rating: ★★★

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