jim beam distiller's cut

Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut is the newest offering from the powerhouse Kentucky bourbon distillery. It’s bottled at 100-proof, aged 5-6 years and not chill filtered–all things that make Distiller’s Cut a bolder, more flavorful option than the flagship white labeled Jim Beam.

After aging, bourbons are typically “chill filtered,” which basically means that the liquid is forced through a dense filter to remove some of those fatty acids that form during distillation. Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut skips this step, which should yield a fuller taste and mouthfeel (eschewing chill filtering is a more popular practice among scotch whisky makers). This can also cause the bourbon to look cloudier than filtered spirits, so if you see a bit of haze in your glass, don’t fret: there’s nothing wrong with your bottle.

“We skipped the chill filtration process, so the liquid gets from barrel to bottle a little differently,” said Noe. “The result is unique to other Jim Beam offerings, with a fuller taste and longer finish compared to your typical bourbon.”

Distiller’s Cut is bold on the nose, with a healthy dose of grain, oak and spice. That spice carries through to the palate, and the amped up alcohol content keeps things very warm. Pepper and cinnamon lead the charge, followed by some vanilla and caramel sweetness. Mild apple notes also make their presence known, adding a pleasant fruit element to the mix. It finishes warm and dry, with a bit of barrel char to close things out.

This is a welcome addition from Jim Beam. The whiskey is full-flavored and offers something noticeably different to the portfolio, but retains that classic Beam charm. And at just over $20, it’s a heck of a deal, too.

Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut Bourbon is a limited-release product, but it’s available right now nationwide. So if you’d like to pick some up for the holidays, now’s the time.

– 50% ABV
– $23

CE Rating: ★★★★

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