Well, folks, we finally did it: Bevvy has officially branched out into the world of cocktail videos. But before we get too far into the weeds here, we suggest you take a look at this phenomenal video from cocktail legend Jeffrey Morgenthaler, which inspired us to finally take the plunge.

The Morgenthaler Method

Morgenthaler is known for being a master of the cocktail video, and it seems that he’s finally decided to share his secrets with the rest of the world.

Providing essential notes like “it’s really important to note that there’s no smiling during this, there’s no fun,” and “no matter what the drink is—if it’s a spirit-driven drink, if it’s juice, if it’s blended—always shake,” it’s easy to see why the man has become such a titan of the industry.

The Hanky Panky Cocktail

We wanted to introduce our viewers to a drink that has some ties to our beloved San Francisco, so we dusted off the recipe for our old standby, the Hanky Panky cocktail.

Made with dry gin, sweet vermouth, and just enough Fernet to make you feel like a local, it’s simple to make and a perennial favorite here in the Bay Area (just don’t tell anyone it was invented in London).

But enough of that. Words are boring, videos are for the cool kids.

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