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Nemiroff Vodka comes to us from Ukraine, one of the world’s great vodka-drinking countries, which nonetheless feels far less represented on U.S. shelves than the products of Russia or Poland. Nemiroff’s got deep roots in Ukraine, and opened its first small distillery way back in 1872.

Its grassy, grainy nose is tempered by a faint sweetness. It’s light and crisp on the palate, and begins with a dry, grassy, and earthy flavor that’s tempered by the lightest touch of sweetness. That flavor remains consistent until the finish, where its pepper flavor emerges like a tripped mine. The strong dose of spice is like biting into a stray peppercorn in your steak au poivre. So if you like pepper, you’ll love it. The short finish ends with lingering threads of pepper spice.

Nemiroff Vodka has a bite, giving those who’d prefer it neat or with ice something to chew on. I could also see it making one hell of a Bloody Mary. And at its price point, maybe even a pitcher.


— 40% ABV
— $17.99

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