parce 12 year rum

parce 12 year rumParce Rum hails from Colombia, where the brand is creating two expressions–an eight year old rum and this, Parce 12 Year. We found a lot to like about Parce 8, so naturally we had to sample its older brother.

Parce Rums begin with a selection of sugar cane from Colombia, Barbados and Trinidad. The pressed and fermented juice is blended with natural spring water, and the rum is aged at sea level in charred American oak barrels.

Parce 12 Year Tasting Notes

Parce 12 Year Rum pours a deep copper in the glass with aromas of toffee, vanilla, tropical fruits and baking spices. It’s rich and full-bodied, with a lip-smacking quality that coats the palate. Flavors range from toffee, creme brulée and chocolate to mild tobacco and leather, plus hints of dark cherries in the background. It finishes nice and easy, with lingering notes of chocolate leading to a dry end.

Parce 12 is a fine sipping rum. Sure you could mix this into an Old Fashioned–we did, and it was delicious–but the smooth and flavorful profile leaves us content sipping this one neat.

– 40% ABV
– $59.99

CE Rating; ★★★★

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