parce 8 year rumParce is a new rum brand that’s produced in Colombia by a father-son distilling duo. Parce currently offers two expressions–an 8 year old rum and a 12 year old rum. Both are distilled from three different sugarcane varieties and then aged in charred oak barrels that previously held bourbon, an unusual choice for aging rums.

Parce 8 is sweet and fruity on the nose, with notes of cherries and vanilla. Take a sip, and flavors range from that cherry and vanilla to leather, tobacco, chocolate and nuts, plus a heavy dose of whiskey-accented oak. The finish is long and dry, with hints of brown sugar and leather moving toward a dry, oaky end.

Parce 8 Year Rum is well-balanced, flavorful and a solid representation of Colombian rum. It’s a competent sipping spirit, but you can use Parce freely in cocktails. We mixed up a simple Rum Old Fashioned to good effect, and the bourbon oak should make this rum work nicely when subbed into a variety of traditional whiskey drinks. But we also made a daiquiri, because that’s our go-to cocktail whenever we’re sampling a new rum. Shaken with cane syrup and fresh lime juice, the Parce Rum stands up nicely, lending some of those lush fruit and sugar notes to the most classic of rum drinks.

Parce Rum is available now in select markets across Illinois, Colorado and Arizona, and distribution is expanding.

– 40% ABV
– $39.99

CE Rating: ★★★★


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