the poptail manual - 90 frozen cocktails

There’s a time and a place for boozy popsicles. That time: right now. That place: wherever you happen to be. Because it’s hot outside, and these frozen cocktails-on-a-stick are here to help.

The Poptail Manual is a new book by Kathy Kordalis, a London-based food stylist. Inside you’ll find 90 frozen cocktails combining a variety of different spirits, liqueurs, and fresh fruits. Also included is a primer on the necessary equipment, freezing fundamentals, and flavor profiles to set you up for success.

The drinks range from summery classics like the Pina Colada, Paloma, and Mojito to originals like the Black Strap, with Jamaican rum, pomegranate molasses, agave syrup, and ginger beer. As can probably be expected from a book about cocktail popsicles, some of the drinks skew a little suspect—but hey, you’re making cocktail popsicles here, so it’s all in good fun. Mix up a batch, don something tropical, and abscond to your nearest body of water.

The Poptail Manual is available now on Amazon and at other retailers.

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