Redbreast Birdfeeder Edition

Turns out, 13% of the US population (that’s a cool 46 million people) identify as bird watchers. We do not fall into that category, but hey, everyone needs a hobby. And that means that we, and also you, probably know someone who’s a bird watcher. And that rarely applies to what we do here at Bevvy, but now it does, because Redbreast has just put out the 12-year-old Bird Feeder Edition whiskey. 

Redbreast Irish Whiskey has once again teamed up with BirdLife International to raise money for bird conservation. Hence this limited edition casing for the 12-year-old expression, which slides off the bottle and transforms into a bird feeder. So it’s whiskey for you, and seed for the birds—the definition of a win-win.

All proceeds from the Redbreast 12-year-old Bird Feeder Edition sales will go towards “creating a positive future for all birds” in collaboration with the BirdLife International charity. Last year, Redbreast raise €70,000.

That’s nice. And this is an easy way for you to give back, since to help out you just have to do something you’d do anyway: purchase and drink whiskey.

hands holding the Redbreast bird feeder bottle
Redbreast Irish Whiskey

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