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Redbreast regularly experiments with aging techniques, seen in bottles that are matured or finished in a variety of casks that once held Pedro Ximenez sherry, tawny port, and bourbon. It’s a common practice in Irish whiskey and Scotch, with distillers hoping to pull extra flavor and complexity from such barrels. But Redbreast’s latest release strays from the typical path, which is crowded with fortified wine and American whiskey barrels, and instead pulls something straight out of Missouri.

The newly launched Redbreast Missouri Oak Edition blends the brand’s signature single pot still whiskey—aged in sherry and ex-bourbon barrels—with the unique influence of virgin Missouri oak. The whiskey was finished for 10 months in those Missouri oak barrels, which were crafted at the Kelvin Cooperage from wood sourced from the Ozark forest.

“Due to the nature of virgin oak barrels being so giving in flavor during maturation, it was crucial for us to regularly sample the evolving liquid to ensure it imparted a measured influence that didn’t overpower the signature Redbreast style,” said Master Blender Dave McCabe. “After 10 months, the expression attained its peak flavor, with the Missouri oak imparting distinct notes of cinnamon and ground ginger, complemented by subtle nutty undertones reminiscent of pecan pie.”

Redbreast is known as a champion for bird preservation—last fall, they put out a bottle that doubles as a bird feeder. So, to celebrate this launch, Redbreast has sponsored a research study into the Cerulean Warblers that breed in the Ozark Forest. The whiskey’s packaging also pays homage to the songbird on the label.

Redbreast Missouri Oak Edition is available now and exclusively sold in the United States. It was bottled at 50.5% ABV and carries a suggested retail price of $199. Below are tasting notes provided by the brand.

Redbreast Missouri Oak Edition Tasting Notes

Nose: Generous waves of sweet toffee apple and vanilla at first, closely followed by ripe blackcurrants and black cherries. The American oak embraces the pot still spices with additional notes of cinnamon and ground ginger, while nutty undertones akin to pecan pie linger gently in the background. 

Taste: Rich with oak tannins that slowly subside, giving way to the luscious and creamy texture of this wonderfully balanced pot still whiskey. The sweetness continues to build in tandem with the spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and black peppercorns along with rich berry fruits and vanilla cream. 

Finish: Satisfyingly long with the nuttiness and pot still spices lingering for a time before finally yielding to the oak. 

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